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Howdy, I’m Jenny Bones and this is a snippet of my story. Stay tuned for the epic autobiography that will cover everything including the fact that I don’t wear underwear, eat sugar or own a television. Most of it’s even true.

Through a series of events, the details of which I’ll spare you here, a year and a half ago I found myself with a few black trash bags full of clothes, eighty seven cents in my pocket and on my way to Detroit to stay with a man I’d only ever known via the internet. I know, now you want the details. Maybe later.

During the long ten hour drive away from my family and friends and into the unknown, I kept toying with the coins in my pocket. This once-successful project manager who took clients out for three hundred dollar dinners every week was now virtually homeless and completely broke.

I couldn’t even buy myself a cup of crappy coffee if I’d wanted to.

But it was precisely a cup of coffee, purchased in the middle of the night somewhere between Philadelphia and Detroit, which led to a breakthrough in my relationship with money. As he filled the truck with gas, my new lover/roomie/friend handed me a ten dollar bill and told me to go into the rest stop and get myself a coffee. Although we’d never met in person before he was already well aware of my love for the stuff.

I stood in line, ordered a mocha latte, paid five bucks for it and walked out. He took a turn sleeping while I drove and I could not take my eyes off of that five dollar cup of coffee. It had been six months, maybe longer, since I’d had money for such a luxury. I found myself having a tough time drinking it, as if somehow I didn’t deserve it.

The struggle carried on in my head for miles, my gaze constantly switching between the glowing white lines on the interstate and my venti mocha latte. During the course of this struggle the coffee grew cold and developed a floating layer of fat which had previously been fluffy and delicious whipped cream. It was now inedible, or undrinkable as the case may be.

I had succeeded in depriving myself of the treat. I had succeeded at failing.

I decided in that moment, with an ice-cold cuppa on a dark road, I would cease and desist this silly behavior at once. Believe me, I had NO idea what that really meant or what my not-so-distant future was about to look like. All I knew was that from then on, when given the chance, I would drink the goddamn cup of coffee and enjoy every drop of it. Every. Single. Drop.

My life has never since been the same.

That was only one of many breakthroughs and awakenings I experienced. Having been stripped of everything I used to identify with, my “possessions,” some serious soul-searching was in order. I had a clean slate and could create whatever I wanted…whether that be a life of doom or a new beginning. Thankfully, I chose the latter.

Here are some things I needed to tackle. Each of these issues needed attention, clarity and resolution before I was able to start making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Any sound familiar?

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Finding your voice
  • Resolving your relationship with money
  • Discovering your perfect people
  • Understanding how your gifts will benefit these people
  • Building a message of hope and love that resonates with these people
  • Learning the ins and outs of marketing in this new age of social networking

People Are Talking

My story, “500 Miles to Start” written by Mark J Pugliese, is featured in Seth Godin’s book Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People who are Poking the Box and Making a Difference (Yep, it’s an affiliate link but the book’s free for Kindle.)


What’s the difference I’m making today?

I’m teaching others to conjure the same clarity that transformed my life and built a successful business in today’s dodgy economy for less than one dollar.

And by the way…mine isn’t just any business. Mine is a business which nourishes, replenishes and energizes me. I measure my success on many levels, not just the number of lattes I can afford.


Why am I doing this?

I believe that when enough people work past their fears, find their voice, align their higher purpose with their marketing message and get that to their perfect people…*gasps for air*…ZOMG…our world is never going to be the same again!

My hope is that those who feel called will join me on this wondrous and magical journey.

Together, we can kick some serious world-changing ass!

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